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SHELL-B's Children's Clothing Secrets!
Who is SHELL-B's?
Shelby Riggs has spent the last 35 years working in the garment industry.
She has done everything from sewing, to owning and managing her own factory.
Fifteen of those years were spent in Quality Control, trying to stop these mistakes from hitting the stores.
Shelby has taken the time to write down all the secrets she has learned over the years.
Her informative booklet is invaluable to anyone.
After reading SHELL-B's "Children's Clothing Secrets", you will have the knowledge,
the tips and tricks, to finding the problems before you buy a garment.
You will have the option of making an informed decision
(is this really worth $40.00 since I have to re-sew this part).
You will have the knowlede to bargain with the salesclerk for a better price.
Clearance racks will have a whole new meaning to you since you will know
what to look for to make sure you take home a quality garment.
And these tips and tricks can be used for adult's clothes as well as children's.
Don't waste another penny on clothing that will immediately need repairs.
Save your time, save your money.
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SHELL-B's Children's Clothing Secrets Finally "Children's Clothing Secrets" Revealed! After days, or weeks, or even months of searching, Searching for that perfect dress for your little girl Searching for that perfect outfit for your little boy, YOU FINALLY FOUND IT, YOU TRIED IT ON, YOU PAID FOR IT, YOU BROUGHT IT HOME, NOW ITS ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR DAUGHTER IS TO WEAR THIS DRESS/ ITS ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR SON IS TO WEAR THIS OUTFIT. YOU ARE FRUSTRATED, YOUR CHILD IS UPSET 2 BUTTONHOLES HAVE RAVELED OUT (put other "horror story" examples here too) DO YOU FIX IT YOURSELF? Can you find the right color thread? DO YOU HAVE THE TIME FOR THIS? Do you take it back to the store? Argue with the sales clerk? Pray there is another one you like? DO YOU HAVE TIME FOR THIS? This awful scenario happens ALL THE TIME because there are tons of clothes on the racks in stores today with design flaws guaranteed to fall apart, sometimes before they are even worn! Don't let this happen to you AGAIN! "Children's Clothing Secrets" will show you how to avoid this mishap. This informative booklet will teach you what to look for BEFORE you spend your hard earned money. Don't waste another dollar on clothing that was designed to fall apart! "Click here for more info" Childrens clothing, Buying children's clothing, buying kids clothes, buying kid's clothes, Shopping for clothing, shop for clothes, buying outfits, new outfit, going on sale, whats on sale, clearance buying clothes, buying dresses, buying outfits, shirts, pants, skirts, tops, bottoms, clothes, children, child, kid, clothing, shopping, shop, shopper, buyer, shops, kiddie, junior, secrets, perfect, secret, insider, clues, save time, save money, save, money, clothes, clothing, children, kids, dress, shirt, pants, shorts, skirt, top, bottom, dresses, shirts, skirts, tops, bottoms, children's, kid, shop, shopping, shops, buy, buying, buys, buyer, store, stores, sale, sales, clearance, women, woman, mom, mother, dad, father, son, daughter, grandma, grandmother, grandchild, granddaughter, grandson, grandaughter, grandfather, grandpa, present, presents, secrets, secret, insider, hints, tricks, clues, clue